Amazier Ezee LoadBalancer Features

Amazier Ezee Load Balancer is an fast, reliable, fault tolerant load balancing server software that is based on Industry Proven HAProxy. It provides a straightforward delivery controller for any cloud Based applications, be it PHP, ASP.Net, HTML, Ruby Applications . This autonomous image encourages the creation of highly executable, auto-scaling clusters with an increased availability for traffic. This allows you to get your system set up and working for you in a Minute.

  • A web based user interface that is both convenient and easy to use, and modify load balancer configs easily from anywhere.
    Now, Even from your mobile! Thanks to Responsive HTML Design.
  • Manage and distribute traffic internally through your network which actually saves on the cost of bandwidth and it does not expose your web/application server to the open world !
  • Setup and Monitor your Servers as well as Loadbalancer itself and get Call/Email Alerts in case of failure.
    And also Progressive monitoring of servers to determine their health and re-route accordingly.
  • Achieve secure and indestructible application clusters with the use of Call/Email Alerts & Notifications. Both Linux, Windows Agents available
  • Load balancing WTS (Windows Terminal Server) farms get legitimate and robust RDP cookie support.
  • Offers user specific sessions directed to specific instances based on cookies. Only Available for HTTP Loadbalancing.
  • Quickly administers traffic across all healthy available instances.
  • Offers standard, fast layer 7 specific X-forwarding and URL re-write engine.
  • Have the ability to load balance nearly every protocol available.
  • Migration from other HAproxy based Loadbalancer to Ezee Loadbalancer is easy. Copy and paste your HAProxy config and you are good to go!
  • The Industry proven HAProxy and Host Linux OS is well tuned for better performance and it provides almost 12 Loadbalancing algorithm to choose from.
    eg., RoundRobin,Least Connection,Static,Weighted Server etc.,
  • Unsurpassed 24/7 customer service support per Amazier Loadbalancer server.

The Amazier Ezee Load Balancer solution can easily help any company to balance the increased loads of incoming traffic across instances. It allows companies to offer more high capacity online services than if they were just using the single web/application alone.

Although the HAProxy is a very good load balancer, the Amazier Ezee Load Balancer takes it to the next level by fine tuning every settings of it. It provides you with additional capabilities that are just not available in HAProxy.

When utilizing the Amazier Ezee Load Balancer, you will be able to make your application clusters virtually indestructible. This service is exactly what the serious Server Administrator needs to make their life so much easier. It truly can save them a lot of time with troubleshooting and a lot of money.

Amazier Ezee Load Balancer Works with HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, RDP, SSH and Terminal Server protocols among others.